Saturday, January 21, 2017

Experience Fall

Two years ago, Crestone, Colorado had the most beautiful fall ever.  People stopped in ‘awe’ at the glorious colors on the mountain sides and commented on it’s beauty.  For a while I did that too, when suddenly I realized "why am I talking about this?  Where are my brushes?"
I decided on a 10 day block of study and ventured into the nearby National Forest to paint.  It was an amazing journey!  I choose a place deep in the forest, a embankment overlooking the stream.  Each day I would begin by quieting myself:  observing the light changes, color intensities, sounds of the forest and earthy smells.  As my journey progressed, my attention to subtleties awoke.  It was similar to meditation mainly that my inner life was finding quiet.  Listening with my whole body, I became an ear of the forest.  A  soul connection happened.  My art moved faster with more consciousness, with pure clarity.  To be in a space when work is flowing is a gift!  One piece after another filled my folder.  Each day I would continue work on the art pieces in my studio, sometimes destroying and other times developing them further.  I was inspired. The tenth day in the forest, I looked up and saw the last of the leaves falling.  I smelled winter in the air as a cold icy wind touched my face.  I picked up my art gear and headed home.

A full day in my studio with 10 day’s work displayed to study.  The ending of this color journey was a winter canvas.  I had taken dead leaves and sticks from my perch in the woods.  Glued them on the canvas and painted over them.  No, I didn’t decide on a composition first!  Instead the art piece evolved organically.  After the painting was completed, my inspiration ebbed with this poem:
Blue...the infinite.  Ice Crystals, Snow, Cold & deep waters.
Fall has passed and winter encroaches.  Blue sky...infinite, protecting.
Moon shines over the mountain peaks, playful like a melody.
Lifeless remains of summer's plants.  Chirp, Slosh, Sigh, Swish, Cries of nature.
Earth's deep silence.

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